Caring for Your Flowers

We want you to get the most out of your arrangements.
Keep your blooms happy for as long as possible by following our care tips & guidelines

Food & Water

Keep your vase filled with water! All flowers and foliage stems should be submerged. Flowers stay fresher, longer when they can get a drink!

Try to change your water up to every second day.

 Use your flower food sachet (ask your florist) in a clean vase of water.

Heat & Light

Help your blooms last longer by keeping flowers out of the heat and direct sunlight.

Using a sharp knife or scissors, trim the stems on an angle about 2cm from the bottom of the stems.

Most flowers will last longer under cool conditions.

Container Care

Before adding flowers to a vase or container,  clean thoroughly with soapy water to remove any bacteria that could cause the fresh flowers to deteriorate even quicker. Be sure to rinse thoroughly!

If your flowers are in florist foam, top up with water every couple of days, be careful not to over fill.